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Simply Savvy is a multipurpose balm that soothes, calms, and hydrates anywhere you apply it! The incredible results I've personally experienced speak to the quality of this product through the quickened healing process of blistering sunburns, aggravated cystic acne, and painful dry patches. Whether a custom fragrance or in its natural state, Simply Savvy is my go-to!


ages of consumers in household: 29, 30, 41

Delightfully therapeutic! We love it. The Simply Savvy did not cause any skin irritation, re-hydrates dry skin for days. Wonderous salve.


ages of consumers in household: 40s, teens, preteens

I use it on my dry feet and it works well. It lasts all day. I would and have recommended it to others.


age: 50s

We first used Simply Savvy salve on our daughter when she was a few months old and had a diaper rash that wasn't responding to anything else; it was healed overnight! We have applied nightly ever since and our daughter has had no issues with diaper rash since! The all natural ingredients make me feel great about using it, too!


age of consumer: infant

My husband and son's eczema cleared up after only 3 days of using this product! We have not been able to find anything natural that works as well!


ages of consumers in household: elementary school and 30s

I loved made my skin so soft. I have eczema and it helped with the itching and redness.


age: 40s

I have diabetes and need to be careful of foot sores. I abraded my small toe about 2 years ago and so it's been sore to walk with my shoe rubbing on it. By applying Simply Savvy for about 1 month the skin has softened, the callous is smaller and I have no pain walking anymore!

My scalp would become itchy, even weepy to any hair styling products. Simply Savvy causes no skin problems and gives my hair a dry look when applied then using a very warm hair dryer for about 20 seconds. Good control, too!

Usually all salves will cause an allergic reaction. This salve did not but instead moisturized and helped heal my skin. Scaly skin became smooth, redness resolved. Highly recommended!


age: 60s

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For the moment, I have only the listed products for sale, but I plan to eventually add more, as well as incorporate a blog with parenting resources, healthy recipes, additional info on and experience with natural skincare products, and more.

Please be advised that this is a homemade product. There are no guarantees and Simply Savvy should not be used for treatment or against medical advice. 

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