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Simply Frosted is named for its delicious smell and sweet, simple ingredients. It is rich enough to be used occasionally as a mask, and gentle enough to use daily as a wash.

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Not pictured: organic virgin coconut oil. Don't worry - it's still in there!!! Scroll down to read about how Simply Frosted came to be....

What’s in it:

  • Shea soap with myrrh & frankincense 

  • Baking soda 

  • Bentonite clay 

  • Coconut oil 

  • Raw local honey

  • Sweet almond oil 

  • Ground Cinnamon 

  • Ground Nutmeg

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on these lovely ingredients!

In addition to the properties mentioned above, this combo of ingredients is also effective in fighting acne, refining pores, soothing dry skin and blemishes, and enhancing your complexion.

Attn: Sensitive/Dry Skin Beauties:

I don't recommend Simply Frosted for your FACE as the baking soda can be quite harsh on your delicate dermis. BUT as you can see to the left, you can also use this lovely product liberally as a body scrub or pre-shave exfoliant!


Multiple Uses (for everyone!):

  • Routine face wash

  • Occasional facial mask/treatment

  • Body scrub

  • Pre-shave exfoliant (effective razor burn prevention!)

Check out my how-to videos for Simply Frosted with additional information about how it can benefit your skin when used properly.

HERE are the instructions I include with all orders of Simply Frosted. When trying any new product, always be mindful of how your skin responds. Watch for more great tips!!

The Frosted Beginnings...

You know when something happens that brings the past screaming into the present? The joys of adolescent cystic acne is definitely something I did not forsee making a recurrence in my mid 30's!

Soon after I became pregnant with our first little boy, even without a sonogram, I knew right away that he was a boy  because unlike with my daughters, I began to break out just like I did at 16. If you have skin problems, you know how many restrictions there are on certain medications, especially during pregnancy. So I decided to take things into my own hands.

I turned to Pinterest and tried a variety of homemade remedies using only things from our pantry I would put INTO my body during pregnancy. I started to play chemist and experiment with different solutions, making notes as I went. Finally I came up with something that held its consistency and freshness, and of course dealt effectively with my acne. 

I was honestly shocked that I could come up with something that could cleanse, gently exfoliate, moisturize and nourish my hormone-addled complexion. In fact it feels very luxurious which is quite a shift from typical acne treatments which tend to be rather stripping and harsh. A welcome change, especially when it still delivers the extraordinary results of a clean, CYST-FREE face!


For the moment, I have only the listed products for sale, but I plan to eventually add more, as well as incorporate a blog with parenting resources, healthy recipes, additional info on and experience with natural skincare products, and more.

Please be advised that this is a homemade product. There are no guarantees and Simply Savvy should not be used for treatment or against medical advice. 

Revelation 4:11


"Worthy are You, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created."

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